The right ‘pack’ of people.

Our “pack” is the result of intentional and organic growth, with the goal of bringing together not just any people but the right people; Those whose core values align and who care to be a part of something that, together, is great.

We are driven to invest into a community we pride ourselves in being a part of constantly improving. Transforming spaces and bringing home owners’ visions to reality through superior customer service and quality craftsmanship is something we find genuine fulfillment in.

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Why choose petra

Our best results are revealed through the collaborative process we embody from the start of a project through completion. The value we provide is found in working alongside our clients, bringing their vision to life through a shared passion in creating a space that enhances their lifestyle.


At Petra Custom Builders we are in constant pursuit of providing optimum customer service, allowing us the opportunity to serve our clients the best product we can. We maintain a concise trajectory towards our core values and deliver a unique customer experience through collaborative efforts, streamlined communication, and management of expectations.

Petra Custom Builders Jimmy Moore Founder

Jimmy Moore

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Brian Gurley Petra Custom Builders

Brian Gurley

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Ryan Richards Petra Custom Builders

Ryan Richards

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Vadim Misko Petra Custom Builders

Vadim Misko

Finish Carpenter
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Andrew Cain Petra Custom Builders

Andrew Cain

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Petra Custom Builders General Contracting Company Team Member


Michael McFarland

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Jewel Muñoz Petra Custom Builders

Jewel Muñoz

Operations Specialist
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Josh Loomis Petra Custom Builders

Josh Loomis

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Savanna Desantis Petra Custom Builders

Savanna DeSantis

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Leilani Loepp

Interior Designer
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Braddon Reese Petra Custom Builders


Braddon Reese

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Aaron Johnson Petra Custom Builders

Aaron Johnson

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