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Partnering with Petra Custom Builders for your next home project means that you’ll receive the very best in the industry.

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We work hard to make every aspect of designing your new home as enjoyable and painless as possible.

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We work hard to make every aspect of designing your new home as enjoyable and painless as possible.

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We work hand-in-hand with each of our clients to manage expectations and implement a design that we know you’ll love.

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Petra Custom Builders is different because our passion for design shows: from the foundation, to the roof, to every client interaction. We love what we do, and we’ll work tirelessly by your side until you love your brand new home.

Our Core Values


In the rugged wilderness, where challenges abound and adversity lurks, one creature stands as a symbol of indomitable spirit – the Wolverine. With unrelenting determination, this remarkable animal demonstrates a tenacity that knows no bounds.

The Wolverine refuses to surrender, whether it’s scaling mountains or crossing vast expanses of snow-covered terrain; these fierce creatures show unwavering resilience. They are known for taking on adversaries much larger than themselves, fearlessly confronting bears and wolves in their quest for survival. 

Wolverines adapt and persevere, teaching us the invaluable lesson of never giving up, no matter the odds, thus they are our icon for RFM.

Relentless Forward Momentum is the fiery spark that ignites greatness within us. It is the driving force that propels us forward, even in the face of adversity. Like a mighty river, it surges with unyielding determination, carving its path through the obstacles that dare to stand in its way.

Relentless Forward Momentum is the unwavering belief that each step, no matter how small, inches us closer to our dreams. It fuels our passion and our resilience, reminding us that we can achieve the extraordinary. With each stride, it pushes us beyond our limits, shattering the barriers of doubt and fear. 

It is within Relentless Forward Momentum that we find the key to unlocking our true potential and accomplishing the impossible.


In the frozen peaks of the mountains, the snow leopard  embodies a masterful display of discipline in her pursuit of  prey. With sleek agility and undeniable grace, she navigates  the treacherous wilderness, embodying the epitome of  patience and focus, leaving no room for distractions or  doubt. She patiently observes her quarry from a distance,  meticulously calculating her approach with stealth and  strategy. 

Every move she makes is deliberate and precise,  conserving her energy for the perfect moment. With  disciplined determination, she launches into action, in a  swift and calculated symphony of speed and power. The  snow leopard’s unwavering discipline serves as a testament  to her adaptability and survival instincts, solidifying her  position as the ultimate predator of the mountains, and why  she deserves to be our symbol for this core value.  

Exercising Discipline is like forging a blade of strength and  resilience within ourselves. In order to accomplish our goals,  we must stay the course despite the challenges we may  encounter. Discipline empowers us to resist the allure of  instant gratification and embrace the long-term rewards that  come from consistent effort. It is the voice within that nudges  us to wake up early, push through fatigue, and persist in the  face of obstacles when others would give up. 

Discipline cultivates self-control, focus, and the capacity to  make deliberate choices that align with our goals. It is the  cornerstone of personal growth and the catalyst for  extraordinary achievements.  

As we embrace discipline, we can forge a path of success and  fulfillment, knowing that our steadfast commitment will pave  the way.


The wolf emerges as our humble yet resolute leader, embodying the delicate balance of  

strength and humility. With a dignified presence, it roams the vast expanse of the prairie and  

forests, radiating an aura of quiet assurance. The wolf’s humility is reflected in its ability to  

work harmoniously within its pack, recognizing the strength of unity by listening to the voices  

of the pack members. 

He understands each member plays a vital role in the pursuit of shared goals, leading with a  selflessness that elevates the entire pack. Yet, amidst its humility, the wolf exudes an  unmistakable air of confidence. With an unwavering gaze and measured stride, the wolf  navigates his surroundings with ease, confident of his own capabilities and strength. This  humble confidence allows the wolf to face challenges head-on, adapt to ever-changing  circumstances, and emerge victorious in the face of adversity. 

It serves as a profound reminder that true strength lies not in boastful arrogance,  but in the Confidence with Humility that stems from a deep understanding of  oneself and one’s place in the natural order. 

With confidence, we believe in our abilities, embrace challenges, and strive for excellence. Yet, humility reminds us that we are part of something greater than ourselves, encouraging us to listen, learn, and appreciate the wisdom that surrounds us. It is the understanding that true strength lies not in arrogance but in the genuine connection and empathy we foster with those around us. 

Confidence with Humility fuels our growth, inspires collaboration, and opens doors to endless possibilities. So, let us embrace the power of Confidence with Humility, as it guides us on a path of continuous self-improvement and authentic success, leaving a positive impact on both ourselves and the world we inhabit.

It is the perfect balance between self assuredness and a deep respect for others and their contributions. In a world that often celebrates ego and bravado, confident humility stands as a beacon of authenticity and grace.


In the vast prairies, where formidable storms arise  without warning, the buffalo stands as a testament  to resilience, intentional grace and clear purpose. Instead of waiting for the storm to pass, these  mighty creatures defy the instinct to seek shelter, choosing instead to boldly charge into the raging  winds and blinding snow. 

By choosing to embrace the storm rather than  cower in its wake, the buffalo teaches us the  invaluable lesson of facing adversity with steadfast  resolve and being mindful of our actions. In their  boldness, they embody the spirit of embracing  challenges, finding strength amidst chaos, and  emerging on the other side, weathered but  triumphant. It is in this intentional journey that we  found our symbol for Intentional Thought & Action. 

Intentional thought is the architect, sketching the blueprint of our aspirations with clarity and purpose. It shapes our vision, fuels our motivation, and sets us on a deliberate path towards our goals. But without intentional action, our dreams remain mere fantasies. Action breathes life into our aspirations, propelling us forward with determination and resolve.

It is through Intentional Thought & Action that we make progress, overcome obstacles, and transform our dreams into tangible achievements. With clear intention, we define what success looks like and outline the steps needed to achieve it.

This also involves seeking opportunities for continuous learning, ways to improve and taking open and complete ownership of our professional development, as well as fostering positive relationships with colleagues. With Intentional Action, we bring these intentions to life.

By focusing on Intentional Thought & Action, we welcome the transformative power it holds to elevate our professional journey to new heights


In the realm of the animal kingdom, it is said an elephant’s eyes speak the greatest language, making you feel so much, without a single word. These gentle giants, with their intricate social structures, navigate their relationships with transparency and authenticity. They express their emotions openly, raising their trunks in joyous greetings or lowered in moments of contemplation. With their deep rumbling calls and playful gestures, elephants communicate authentically, forging genuine connections within their herds. Their honesty extends beyond mere communication as they show unwavering loyalty and protectiveness towards their herd members. With their wise and deliberate actions, exhibit a profound wisdom, transcending their massive presence. 

Through their open and honest nature, elephants remind us of the importance of genuine connections, sincere expressions of emotion, and the power of transparency in fostering strong relationships. These noble qualities should inspire us to seek knowledge, communicate sincerely and to support one another, without pretense or deception. 

Creating Open & Honest Relationships at work is the fertile ground where collaboration, trust, and growth will flourish. This will create a space where authenticity is valued, and open communication is embraced. In such an environment, barriers dissolve, and bridges are built, allowing ideas to flow freely and diverse perspectives to be heard.

Openness creates a sense of psychological safety, where team members feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, concerns, and aspirations. Honesty, in turn, breeds transparency and accountability, fostering a culture of integrity and mutual respect. It is through open and honest relationships that we foster deeper connections, foster innovation, and cultivate a supportive community.

So, let us nurture this invaluable foundation in our workplace, for it empowers us to thrive, achieve collective success, and create a harmonious environment where everyone can unleash their full potential.

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Forty Under 40


Inside the Mind and Philosophy of Jimmy Moore

Founder & CEO of Petra Custom Builders

In the ever-evolving realm of construction, where ego can sometimes overshadow true craftsmanship, there are some who choose a different path. Jimmy Moore didn’t want his company to be just another addition to the roster of names. At 36, the founder of Petra Custom Builders, based in Boulder, Colorado, has challenged convention, crafting a legacy that’s as solid as the stone the name represents.

A Mountain Marvel

Bringing dream homes to life with Petra Custom Builders

Featured Article from the Boulder Lifestyle Magazine

“Atop a mountainside in Lyons, Colorado, sits a home designed for a world traveler and a classic minimalist. With its clean lines and modern design, the house’s global charm can be found in the custom cabinetry, handmade and shipped in from Poland, tongue and groove wood ceilings, wall-to-wall windows, and floating stone counters. ”

Even Better than I Imagined.

Take a Look at What Our Satisfied Clients Have Had to Say

The team over at Petra helped me every step of the way with my remodel. I trust them immensely and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
c F
c F
I've worked with Petra Custom Builders for years and have always enjoyed working with them. They leave our clients happy and the work is excellent. Their project supervisors are friendly and knowledgeable. The work that comes out of their custom woodshop is top notch as well.
Ryan Costner
Ryan Costner
Jimmy Moore, the owner of Petra is building a custom home on our property. The original home was destroyed in the Marshall Fire in Boulder County, Colorado. Jimmy approached us to build the house right after the fire. We hired him on the spot as Petra had done a small remodel for us in 2017, and we were extremely happy with the result. Hiring Petra was a no-brainer and we were quite excited. Then came the part where we had to negotiate the amount the insurance company would pay for the re-build. The home was 30 years old, and many building codes were very different and much more expensive. The original home blueprints were destroyed in the fire. While our adjuster was excellent, she was from the west coast and had little experience with the stringent Boulder County building requirements, which are quite specific and onerous. She hired consultants to help her evaluate the amount, and they also were very inexperienced in Boulder County codes. While he had no requirement to do so, Jimmy took over the process on our behalf. As a builder in the county, Jimmy and Petra were experts in this area. Jimmy spent many hours with the adjuster's "experts" educating them on Boulder County, including the back-up data to support his/our position. The result was a very favorable result, where we feel the insurance company is giving us a fair amount for the rebuild. THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED without Jimmy's hard work and expertise. We are so very grateful for Jimmy and Petra. Losing everything you own and is miserable. Jimmy and Petra have made this process so much better for us.
Caryn Ellison
Caryn Ellison
Petra Custom Builders is an amazing company. Not only have they completed some amazing projects for many of the families in our club, they constantly give back to the community. Our club offers wrestling to wrestlers of all ages and many in need of assistance that without companies like Petra we would not be able to provide! Support the companies that support our children, you can't go wrong with Petra!
Colorado Top Team
Colorado Top Team
This company is top notch. They are incredibly responsive, professional and knowledgeable. I learned so much about the process of home building and they answered all of my questions. I highly recommend this company.
Worst Friend Ever
Worst Friend Ever
Jimmy and his team are top-notch professionals. They are extremely focused on the client experience and it shows. I look forward to working with them again in the future.
Coach JR
Coach JR
"We had a great experience working with Petra Custom Builders! From the start of the design process through getting our Certificate of Occupancy, they were professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to our needs. They provided valuable guidance and recommendations even when we encountered obstacles, which we did have, and always kept us informed and updated on the progress. They went above and beyond, focusing on the relationship and ensuring that the final product was better than we imagined. They also finished the project on time, which turned out to be essential - the COVID lockdown was implemented two weeks after we finished (yes, I know I am late writing this review). With the way prices skyrocketed, materials became harder to get and subcontractors more challenging to schedule; had they not, we might not have been able to complete our home. We are thrilled with the result and love our new home!"
Carol Moore
Carol Moore
Loved working with Petra Custom Builders. They were professional, creative, delivered super high quality work and were fun to work with. The attitude and culture combined with their high quality craftsmanship separates them from the rest of the pack. Highly recommend you work with Petra if you are building new or doing a remodel.
Blair Koch
Blair Koch
My family and I just finished our massive remodel working hand in hand with Petra Custom Builders. Although we’ve built homes in the past and endured many trying remodels, this was our first project with Petra. It was hands down the best experience we’ve had. Even during these difficult times with material and labor shortages, we were able to finish on our projected time table. It didn’t all go as planned, but we worked through the challenges together. If you are looking to build your dream home or do a major remodel, there is only one call you need to make.
Dave Owens
Dave Owens
Petra did an incredible job on our old town 1920's home! They kept the vintage feel that we loved and opened up the space to flow freely. The team was excellent to work with from start to finish and they helped educate us on the best way to approach the evolving project. We were so impressed with their work that we hired them to buildout our new commercial office space. They surpassed our expectations during a challenging time with the supply chain and permitting issues due to the pandemic. Petra helped us navigate each step of the way and we are lifetime advocates of their work!
Brandon Strope
Brandon Strope


Petra Custom Builders is committed to developing long-term relationships with our customers and ensuring that each home is a reflection of your vision.

Sam Marks: Superintendent

Sam grew up in North Alabama where he was introduced to construction at a young age. Coming from a family of construction workers, he has been on and around job sites his entire life.  After graduating from Warren Wilson College he stayed in the construction field working under electricians, master carpenters, and framers. He made the jump from carpenter to superintendent while living in Utah working for a well-respected custom home builder. His favorite part of custom home building is the technical problem-solving needed to overcome job site challenges and the personal connections he’s able to make with every homeowner. When not at work, Sam can be found doing anything and everything outdoors with his wife, Claire, and dog, Merle. He especially enjoys all types of biking, running, bird watching, and reading.

Sara Hugo : Designer

Sara grew up in California’s Bay Area before her passion for design took her to Reno, Nevada where she pursued a degree in Interior Design. After Sara graduated from the University of Nevada in 2012 she moved to Colorado where she has been working as an Interior Designer ever since.
To bring your unique vision to life Sara approaches design as a collaboration! She believes in planning ahead, clear and concise communication, organization, and making the process enjoyable. Sara has dedicated herself to learning and appreciating all areas of the business and brings this expertise to all her interactions. Her approachable style has served her well in working with clients, vendors and trade partners over her 10+ year career.  Outside of the design world, you can find Sara crafting candles, running, camping, or spending time with her husband and two dogs.

Mark Wissell : Estimator

Mark began his career in the building trades working as a carpenter for a small residential contractor in the Minneapolis suburbs. This introduction to a profession working with his hands, combined with a thirst for knowledge, led him to build a diverse set of skills and contribute to several commercial millwork firms in roles ranging from fabrication, drafting, design, estimating, project and account management. He is a cabinet maker, furniture maker, and aspiring artist currently creating metal wall-hanging landscape pieces.

A Midwesterner transplanted to Colorado in 2015 with his wife Karen, Mark enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle that living along the Front Range affords.