Building projects, whether from the ground up or a simple renovation, require a tremendous amount of coordination; from the start of an idea to putting it to paper to selecting finishes that pull the vision together to maintaining production schedules throughout the construction phase. All too often breakdowns in communication can disrupt projects but at Petra Custom Builders our number one objective is to create a collaborative process through clear communication and defined expectations that keep your project on time and within your investment range.

Our designers, estimator, production manager, superintendents and carpenters are conveniently in-house, providing a platform for precise communication, producing a reliable and streamlined process and timeline. Petra Custom Builders’ internal team gives you the confidence of knowing your project is in the hands of vetted professionals with years of experience of working as a team to value-engineer jobs like yours.

When you contract with Petra Custom Builders you’ll benefit from the seamless transition between the collaborative design process into the construction phase, featuring onsite superintendent management and frequent site visits from our design team to ensure your vision is brought to life just the way it was intended.


At Petra Custom Builders we are in constant pursuit of providing optimum customer service, allowing us the opportunity to serve our clients the best product we can. We maintain a concise trajectory towards our core values and deliver a unique customer experience through collaborative efforts, streamlined communication, and management of expectations.